Dr. Asiie Olfatbakhsh
Scientific Secretary

Dr. Asiie Olfatbakhsh

The 2nd International and the 9th National Tehran Breast Cancer Congress will be held on 18th to 20th October 2017. This scientific meeting is an excellent motivation for the exchange of knowledge and technology between national and international experts in the field of breast cancer and would provide a valuable opportunity for researchers and students. Today only multidisciplinary approach to breast cancer could improve diagnostic modalities, treatment plans and survival of the most common cancers in women. With this view, the second international congress of breast cancer will focus on the following subjects:

  • Breast Cancer Incidence
  • Prevention and screening
  • Imaging
  • Oncoplastic and reconstruction surgery
  • Adjuvant and neo-adjuvant treatment
  • Genetics and Hereditary breast cancer
  • Immunotherapy & Cell therapy
  • Quality of life
  • Medical Ethics
  • Fertility preservation

Now as we are approaching the 9th National and the 2nd International Breast Cancer Congress of Motamed Cancer Institute, it is our great pleasure to host you in the Razi International Center, Tehran, Iran on October 18-20, 2017. With this, we hope to pay a small part of our duty to humankind especially women health and welfare.

Dr. Fereshte Abbasvandi
Executive Secretary

Dr. Fereshte Abbasvandi

Breast congress aims to provide optimal Health and Health care to adolescent girls and women with focus of prevention, diagnosis and management of breast cancer origin as well as related Genetics, Pathophysiology, Epidemiology, surgery,…,on the other hands, Multidisciplinary approach to breast cancer.

Important innovations over the last years have been translated into new breast cancer diagnostics and treatment strategies and now being integrated into clinic practice.

Much progress has been made in molecular and imaging diagnostic, surgery, radiation and in the development if individualized medical treatment strategies by means of tailored and targeted therapies.

BCRC will provide an overview of the most recent research results and trends in breast cancer diagnostic and management.

We want its close interaction of diagnostics local and systemic therapy.

We look formed to welcoming you in Tehran 2nd international and to sharing fascinating conference with latest news on breast cancer management.

With best regards

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